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Dr. Napoleon no longer provides one-on-one consultations with personal clients.  Our work is limited to criminal law firms, governments and law enforcement 

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Just when you think the beauty bar couldn’t get any higher for women it has done just that.   You might ask how can it get worse given that women are already expected to have beautiful faces, lean bodies and be coiffed to perfection?

    The latest beauty affectation requires models to have a visible space between their thighs in order to be model perfect.  “But don’t you have to have suffered from a Vitamin D deficiency to have that space between your thighs,” you might ask?  Yes, you would have to be either bow legged secondary to a congenital defect, have suffered from Rickets as a child OR be perilously thin.

    So who is it that is creating these Draconian man-made standards of model beauty?  Answer:  An elite group of couturiers who have no respect for the female form as anything but a clothes rack.  You see, the XX chromosome configuration is genetically designed to have fat deposits in places that XY chromosome configurations do not.  Thighs, derrieres and lower abs on women tend to be draped in a layer of adipose tissue.  For women to be model perfect they have to either be one of the few natural ectomorphic body types or diet to the point of starvation.  In other words, a lot of models smoke and drink diet sodas all day in order to get that noticeable gap between their thighs.  Others use CNS stimulants (Cocaine/Crystal Methamphetamine) to amp up their body’s metabolic rate in order to get that fashion gap.  Who would do this to women?

    I’m not breaking new ground by noting that a disproportionate number of fashion designer moguls are gay men.  Everyone knows this; therefore, I don’t think I am going out on a limb by stating what everyone in the business already knows.  Gay fashion designers who happen to be men have traditionally rejected the natural female form; favoring instead a de-feminized, dare I say, “boyish” body type over which they drape their latest creations.  How do you de-feminize a female model?  Easy, you strip her of that which makes her body female.  And one of those things is adipose tissue on her legs.  

    Don’t buy the myth that being tall and very thin makes clothes look better when on display...rubbish.  I’ve studied this in scientific labs and can report with great confidence that not only do clothes NOT look better when draped across a tall skeleton of a woman but often clothes lose many of their aesthetic design cues without an hour glass figure underneath the garment.  

    We have written repeatedly about the health dangers that result from being too thin.  It is not true that you can never be too rich or too thin, but the psychodynamics of the people who run the fashion industry trump the health of the models.  And until and unless the movers and shakers in the business come to grips with their deep seated ambivalences regarding the female form female models are going to be required to create a thigh gap in order to satisfy their masters. 


 Visual Aesthetic        Analysis of:
  • Areas to emphasize

  • Areas to de-emphasize

  • Improvement Suggestions

  • Wardrobe Recommendations

  • Hair Recommendations

  • Medical/Cosmetic Options


  Body Language
  Analysis of:
  • Basic Attitude Analysis

  • Predilections

  • Psychophysiological Assessment

  • Cognitive, Emotional and Behavioral Analysis

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Dr. Napoleon, pending availability, will meet with the client for (3) three hours and provide a personalized assesment with recommendations for improvement.



Dr. Anthony Napoleon is available for speaking engagements. Please email your specific needs or call's office for costs and availability.


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