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Personal injuries involving changes to visual image can have a profound impact on the client's psychological well being.
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Elective-aesthetic surgery is the only operation that is motivated solely by psychological factors. As a result, plastic surgeons sometimes operate on patients whose emotional well-being is inextricably linked to their physical self.

Plastic surgery "gone awry" can severly impact the well being of the patient. Guilt, self-recrimination and body dysmorphic disorder represent just a few of the sequellae of bad plastic surgery.

Elective-asethetic surgery can be anything but elective in a society that places a premium on looks. Surgeons often "sell" patients on procedures by minimizing risks while all but promising ideal results. Sometimes surgeons operate on patients who, by definition, are image conscious and who are not capable of emotionally handling a complication.


Investigators may possess a visual image of their target suspect or victim. A tremendous amount of information can be gleened from these visual images. This information may include any of the following:

-Genetic/cultural background data
-Physical health
-Mental health
-Behavioral predilectionss
-Target vulnerabilities
-Threat Potential
-Choice of weaponry
-Gender Identity/Role
-Wardrobe choices
-Fugitive tendencies


We can, in some instances, generate visual image profiles based upon written, auditory or other non-visual data.

When provided with both visual image and content data, we feel confident that we can provide investigators insights that will greatly assist any investigation.

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