Money Honey

As a former Judge of two regional Hawaiian Tropic Beauty Pageants, numerous regional pageants and the Miss California pageant, I can say with some personal experience that many of the contestants share Darcy's intuitive sense of how their looks can be parlayed into material wealth. Male judges at these events are often chosen because of their relatively high-profile jobs, which often means that they have money. I have judged these pageants with media types, sports stars and business men. Time and again we see the pattern, where the very successful beauty pageant contestant trades her beauty pedigree for marriage. For example, the former Miss Universe, Cecilia Bolocco, married millionaire and past Argentinian President, Carlos Menem. When the two married in May of 2001, the former Miss Universe was 36 years old--and the former President was 70.

Sports stars, financial barons and sometimes even very smart men are targeted by the beautiful woman. This is because these socially desirable men validate her beauty. Beautiful women feel they are entitled to a special man, a man who can buy them the material items which are part of her birthright. Whomever society defines as "special men" becomes the group from which the beautiful woman selects her self-validating man.

When the beautiful woman truly falls in love, it is often with a man whom she feels can put her in her place. In other words, a man who is not overwhelmed by her beauty. This behavior begs the question: why are beautiful women attracted to this kind of man? Beautiful women are not masochistic by nature. Nonetheless, they yearn for a man who doesn't value what ultimately defines her--her physical attractiveness. A man who can put her in her place, by definition, doesn't fall under her beautiful spell. Knowing all too well the power of her beauty, she can only conclude that any man who can do without her beauty must be powerful indeed. Thus, the man who doesn't fall under her spell, and who really doesn't care one way or the other about having her, is the one she can't do without. He is the one more powerful than she. It may be the guitar teacher or the husband of another woman, but it is he whom she is really attracted to. Alas, the pattern of rich man/pretty woman repeats itself with often tragic predictability. The childhood trauma for the unattractive millionaire boy repeats itself when beauty distances herself, the pretty girl is finally put in her place by the one she can't live without, and all live unhappily ever after.


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