Awakening Beauty - Behind the Scene By Dr. Anthony Napoleon

Litigation consultants often fancy themselves as experts on body language and visual image. Books on the subjects of body language and visual image have been penned by more than one jury/litigation consultant. Readers of such books are left to ponder the question: What qualifies the authors of such books to write on the subject? Is it merely their experience at “reading jurors” that qualifies them? Is it their academic training?

I can suggest what should be required training and experience in order to author such books, but will leave the assessment of other author’s expertise and training to professional critics. As a licensed clinical psychologist who is familiar with various academic and applied curricula in the training of psychologists and psychiatrists, I can tell you that little, if anything about the training, qualifies a Ph.D. or M.D. as an expert on the meaning of visual image and how to “read” body language. It should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, nothing about having a law degree qualifies one to opine in public on the subject of body language and visual image.

I have written elsewhere that plastic surgeons are better at “reading” body language than are clinical psychologists and psychiatrists. As far as the academic researchers who study non-verbal communication and visual image, not one, to my knowledge, ever made a living studying courtroom behavior. Their knowledge is almost always exclusively academic and is seldom, if ever, applied in the forensic setting. My qualifications to write a book on visual image derive not only from my academic specialization in clinical psychology (personality and visual image), but also derive from having more than one successful career involving visual image and body language. One career involved altering my client’s visual image and body language for a desired effect. Yet another career involved an academic and applied practice in the psychology of cosmetic and plastic surgery. My career in the courtroom is, in part, a natural extension of my academic expertise and applied experiences in other related vocations, where visual image and body language were important. I chose to write a book on visual image that would, after reading it, provide insight and perspective to readers from all walks of life on a subject that often remains shrouded beneath a never-ending barrage of pop culture sound bites, folk tales and myth. My book: Awakening Beauty, an Illustrated Look at Mankind’s Love and Hatred of Beauty, may as well have been entitled: Everything you ever wanted to know about visual image but was afraid to ask. I have received some nice reviews on the book and am pleased to offer it here for anyone interested in the subject. Click on the book’s cover and you will be taken to link at where you can buy it. Below is a five-star book review from the Midwest Book Review that we would like to share with you.

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