Male Justification

Men who lust after beautiful women at the expense of others in their life virtually always justify their behavior by pointing out that it is "natural," and "it is just the way men are." What is often missed, however, is that the male contribution to this psychodrama can and often does have unbelievably lethal consequences. Machismo, dominance behaviors, symbolic sexual prowess and gender bias and oppression--all have their roots in the male's obsession with how beautiful women enhance his ego.

Men often intertwine their professional identities with their obsession with beautiful women. The trophy wife or girlfriend is testimony to the rich man's success in his chosen profession. Men are quite good at denying the fact that without material wealth, the would-be trophy wife or good-looking girlfriend would not give them the time of day. Trophy women deny the fact that their husbands or boyfriends may not like them, he may even hate them. They are, after all, when all is said and done, just another designer golf club in his golf bag that he shows off to his friends. Trophy women who seek out men are the material by-product of a self-fulfilling prophecy that is secondary to a society created by men where materialism, power, dominance and wealth are made to be synonymous with having beautiful women.

The sexual realities associated with men who own trophy wives undermine the machismo myth: enter Viagra. For years, trophy wives and girlfriends could allow their machismo-puffing partners to parade them around before their peers in public. But once behind closed doors, the relief afforded by reduced or absent sexual intercourse made the relationship at least tolerable. Viagra has changed all of that. Anecdotal evidence is beginning to appear that suggests that trophy wives and girlfriends are thinking twice about their role, in part because there is no longer a safe harbor back home.

Viagra is also beginning to affect men and their defenses. It is appreciably harder to deny what truly binds his beautiful young mate to him when she must work hard to pretend to enjoy intimacy. The stress on both partners has increased, to the point where the myth is harder to maintain in the mind of the man and the role of trophy wife has become almost intolerable. The truth of what brings these two genre of people together bleeds through an ever-thinning set of defenses; defenses weakened by, of all things, a drug that promotes an erection.


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