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Have you ever wondered who Elliot Spitzer made angry? Have you ever asked yourself: "Why now?" Here are the answers.

When Elliot Spitzer was Attorney General of New York he was no friend of Wall Street. He went after those men on Wall Street whom we now know helped to create a financial meltdown that may rival the Great Depression. He pursued cases against companies involved in computer chip price fixing, investment bank stock price inflation, and the 2003 mutual fund scandal. He also sued Richard Grasso, the former chairman of the New York Stock Exchange, claiming he had failed to fully inform the board of directors of his deferred compensation package, which exceeded $140 million dollars.

Wall Street didn't appreciate the fact that Attorney General Spitzer was on their back and was not shy about exposing their misdeeds. Those same misdeeds that have proven to cost the American taxpayer a trillion dollars or more.

Fast forward and we find that the same men targeted by the former Attorney General turned Governor of New York had been waiting their turn. The Governor was now his most vulnerable. He was married, liked pretty young girls and he paid them for their affection.

So, let's see who really won: Wall Street Thugs 1; Elliot Spitzer 0; And the American Public -1Trillion.

Newsday interviewed Dr. Anthony after New York Governor Eliot Spitzer resigned his office due to a sex scandal. Dr. Anthony had dedicated a chapter on this very subject entitled: "Cult of the Beautiful Egg," from his book AWAKENING BEAUTY. Here is an excerpt from that chapter on the phenomenon that brought down Eliot Spitzer. According to Dr. Anthony, look for former Governor Spitzer to make a comeback in the years to come.

Before you read this excerpt, take a look at Ms. Duprey, then take a look at Eliot Spitzer. Do you notice anything? A close look reveals that Ms. Duprey and Mr. Spitzer share the same facial geometry and landmark ratios.

Men are easy prey. The latter part of the twentieth century was punctuated with any number

of powerful men who fell from power because of their involvement with a pretty woman. President Clinton, Bob Livingston, Gary Hart, Newt Gingrich, Jesse Jackson, Gary Condit and before him Wilbur Mills. All of these men succumbed to the alluring siren song of the egg, that is, the “beautiful” egg, wrapped in layer upon layer of makeup, hair, perfume, sexy clothing and a host of other cosmetic accruements that are designed to accomplish EXACTLY what was accomplished, attract and engage in mating behavior with a powerful man.

Why are we amazed, or even surprised for that matter, when a well-executed, well-honed and notoriously seductive plan achieves its goal? Why are we surprised that powerful and rich men succumb to beauty? After all, rich and powerful men ARE the target. Biology can be a very formidable opponent to even those who believe that succumbing to the allure of a beautiful woman is a sin…just ask Jim Baker or Jimmy Swaggert. Why are we amazed that those men who have been dealt out of the game by young sexy women are virtually always instrumental in exposing the failings of rich and powerful men at the hands of attractive seductresses? What is amazing is that the plan remains shrouded within a labyrinth of defenses. What is amazing is that sex and beauty are removed from the equation, and the whole matter is rendered into a conveniently rationalized discussion of poor character, violations of law or ethics.

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