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My name is Will Simpson, I am a Marine stationed out of Camp Pendleton but deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom right now. While here in Aghanistan I have taken in a dog from the nearby city that would have ended up on the street and wihout a home, left to fend for herself. Her name is Farrah, she is a Sage Koochee breed which means "dog of the nomad", and we think she's about 3 months old.

We found her scavenging outside of our small camp so we brought her in, fed her, washed her, gave her shots from a local vet and a lot of TLC. I think she knew what we were up to and from then on its been friends for life, she has taken on the role of being part of the family, everyone takes turns watching, feeding and taking her out. She is a constant companion to all of us and can frequently be found on the couch next to one of the guys, or out playing catch...well, learning anyway. She is extremely sweet and well tempered, and is always there to greet you with a kiss! So that is the background on her, now I am trying to get her back to San Diego and keep her myself with my wife and family by any means necessary. Any help or guidance that you could give me to help rescue her would be greatly appreciated, not just by me , but all of the Marines here! Sincerely, Will Simpson SSGT USMC

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