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One particular rich man/pretty woman match-up deserves special attention. This match-up occurs when the pretty woman becomes involved with a sports star. Go to the most expensive ski resorts, vacation destinations, rich neighborhoods, and especially sporting events, and you will see scores and scores of attractive women, many of whom look very much alike. Look in the "wife and girlfriend" section of bleachers or sidelines at a sporting event, and you'll immediately see living proof of this mirror image phenomenon. (SEE RYDER CUP PHOTO)

This particular match-up, however, is not infrequently characterized by stressful relationships. Study after study of the incidence of rape, assault and abuse target high school, college and professional male athletes as high-risk dates and husbands. For example, on July 9, 1999, University of Minnesota investigators reported 40 incidents of alleged sexual assault and domestic abuse by student athletes. To make matters worse, the report cited several examples of an often repeated pattern recognized by its "favoritism toward student athletes and insensitivity toward female victims, on the part of university officials." That is just one university in one state. One interesting website, which was active as of the fall of 2000, is This site chronicles various legal difficulties, not just those involving drugs, as reported in the press, involving major league baseball players. A cursory review of those reports from this website illustrates some of the reported problems these athletes have with their girlfriends and spouses.

Beautiful women seldom take these and similar affronts to their status in life lying down. A common response is to try and destroy the sport star's public image. Contentious divorces and a plethora of tell-all books about how the sports hero is not really a hero after all are really nothing more than the heat given off from the deadly mix of beauty and sports star. Once again, beauty ends up unhappy.


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