Tiger Woods

Visitors to this website come from three general demographic categories: lawyers, social scientists and the general public. Social scientists and the public typically find this site from Google scholar or after reading one of my articles or hearing me discuss some topic of interest in the press. Lawyers, on the other hand, look me up after attending one of my seminars or after I am recommended to them to work as a trial analyst by one of their colleagues. Lawyers, of the three demographic visitors to this site, may find it odd that I would have written about Tiger Woods in 2003. The tumultuous events of the winter of 2009 were predicted six years ago. How did I know? Tiger Woods current problems are not his problems, per se, they are problems that transcend one man in one difficult personal situation. When I included a chapter in my book AWAKENING BEAUTY entitled: Rich Man/Pretty Woman, I had no idea that it would win me both friends and enemies, alike. I included a sub-section in that chapter with the heading: SPORTS STARS. The wives of sports stars and other rich men praised my work while a lot of rich men, including sports stars, stopped talking to me or, as we say in the business, "acted funny" when they were around me. I am going to include that sub-heading on sports stars here for your review after numerous requests to talk about it have come from people familiar with my book and the Tiger Woods incident.


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