We are a Support the Troops Sponsor - Won't You be one too?

The following are the things the troops principally request:
  • phone cards (#1 most requested item; so they can phone their loved ones)

  • VISA and M/C gift cards (#2 most requested item; gives them maximum flexibility

  • personal hygiene items (American made for safety of course)

  • wet wipes, individually wrapped in foil packs (not gel bottles)

  • body wipes in plastic pull-out canisters

  • disposable razors – men's and women's

  • chap sticks

  • floss

  • toothbrushes

  • foot powder and the like

  • magazines (clean content)

  • books (clean content)

  • fun posters and calendars for dressing the place up

  • AA batteries

  • AAA batteries

  • movie DVD's (clean content)

  • music CDs (clean content)

  • iPODs (empty)

  • small earphones

  • 1 GB and 2 GB memory sticks (external hard drives) (blank)

  • beef jerky and sticks

  • peanuts and nuts in cans with lids

  • tins and packets of flavored coffee and cappuccino

  • candy

  • gum

  • breath mints

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