A New Set of Protected Classes

Fairness is a noble quality in man that has generated any number of sayings about what it means to be fair. For example: "What is fair for the goose is fair for the gander." I agree, and with that notion in mind, I'd like to offer a number of new labels that can be used by the PC crowd to enforce fairness.

The existing list of labels include: Islamophobia, homophobia, sexist, racist, misogynist, hater, birther, bully and my favorite, denier. To that list I'd like to add Christianophobia, nuclearfamilophobia, heterophobia, misandrist, sanscolorophobia, and my favorite, "corrector."

Corrector is the label that should join the epithet "denier" as its equal. To deny something assumes that there is something to deny. The label "denier" is clever because it is designed to silence the person you disagree with, but also, sets him straight about his ignorance regarding the science of climate change. The label "corrector" is undoubtedly going to get a lot of use because if you want to correct someone who makes an assertion about climate science that is not proven as fact, you're merely correcting that person for making a false assumption, you're not denying anything. So, for all of the PhDs in climate science, and there are many, in addition to people like John Coleman, award winning meteorologist who created the Weather Channel, who have concluded that climate change, the belief system, is just so much hot air, then the label "corrector" fits the bill when debating a person who needs to be "corrected" because they are denying reality in favor of a belief that is remarkably simlliar to the pagan belief labeled, Sun Worship.

Moving on to under represented protected classes, Christians are not only ridiculed in the media, they are actually being systematically killed by Islamists all over the world. Just as Iran qualifies as homophobic because it still executes homosexuals, killing Christians or ridiculing them (the predecessor to physical violence) deserves the label, "Christianophobia."

Making fun of white people as a plague upon the earth is "sanscolorophobia." Ridiculing traditonal man/woman children nuclear families is, "nuclearfamilophobia." Making fun of men exclusively sexually attracted to women and vice versa qualifies as heterophobia. I offer these and a few other new protected classes because, after all, it is only fair. And as every PC Policemen knows, fairness must be enforced with shame and the attachement of the proper label. Always keep in mind, snideness and condescension is optional when throwing around these new protected class labels.

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