Moving On: Reaching Out to Millennials

Since the 1960s a not so quiet revolution has been taking place in America. That revolution, and the changes in power it ushered in, has created a great deal of unhappiness, angst and outright anger in and among conservative Americans. Yet, despite their unhappiness and angst, conservatives have not changed their strategies and tactics one iota in order to confront the revolution they hate with a passion. Moreover, conservatives have not changed their attitudes about their waning influence in the face of the revolution that has all but destroyed their once powerful position. To be clear, I am NOT asking nor have I asked for conservatives to change their core values, only their attitudes, strategies and tactics. But that was too much to ask for. It is as though conservatives possess an inflexibility gene that forces them to remain locked into a mindset that, despite its proven track record of failure in the battle with the progressive left, forces them to continue their failing ways like lemmings walking right off the edge of a cliff.

Over the past two years on social media, and a few years before that, I have attempted to break into the mental vault that is the rock-ribbed conservative mind. The people I have reached, and there have been a few very special people for whom I feel warmth and admiration, have probably mischaracterized themselves as “conservative” when, in fact, they are more than likely originalists/tradtionalists who are not only flexible and young at heart but welcome the fact that someone cared enough about them to teach them about navigating the perils and pitfalls of the revolution taking place in our country. These people have been an inspiration to me and I value them. I am, in fact, very proud of these people

Rock-ribbed conservatives, on the other hand, have proven to be recalcitrant, if not belligerent people who, along with their inflexibility gene, have proven to be angry and mean authoritarians. Authoritarianism is another of conservative’s characterological traits that makes helping them a job better suited to a genetic engineer, not a human behavior expert.

What I have learned over two years of interacting on social media is that rock-ribbed conservatives are incapable of evaluating their own failures and need to change. In fact, dare to even hint at the fact that one of their leaders had helped to fuel the revolution that they so despise, and you would think that you had just stuck a hot poker in their eye. Dare to even attempt to move them from their linear way of thinking and you will be met with the same snide, mean and dismissive rants that rock-ribbed conservatives would have you believe exclusively belong to the progressive left.

My efforts have been and are directed at restoring traditional America. To me, that means knowing something about the original intent of our founders, all of whom were liberal in a similar way to how JFK, Clint Eastwood and Harry Truman were all liberal. To rock-ribbed conservatives, I have found, restoring America means restoring their legacy power and authoritarian control over people who didn’t fit their rather rigid criteria for who deserved to enjoy the fruits of the American dream. That is not what restoring America to its core principles means to me.

Rock-ribbed conservatives, like progressives, are not the least bit interested in an American meritocracy. Whereas progressives want what they call social justice and gender and racial affirmative action, conservatives insist upon having legacy affirmative action and justice for themselves and their good-ol-boy network. In other words, whether we are talking about progressives or conservatives, it is all about who has the power.

Rock-ribbed conservatives, I have found, are not so much concerned about a wholesale retreat from the original ideas of America’s founders as they are about the loss of their power, their authority, their control, their dominance.

Therefore, I am going to do something that conservatives are unable to do, I am going to change my strategies and tactics. I am going to forego trying to work with, educate, do therapy with or otherwise help rock ribbed conservatives. You are hopeless and you need to know that. Rather, I am going to reach out to Millennials who, for all of their brainwashing by the older generation, retain some degree of flexibility if, for no other reason, they possess youthful energy and are receptive to people who are not authoritarian, dogmatic, mean and inflexible, in other words, they remain open to the ideas of people who aren’t rock-ribbed conservatives.

I’d like to add a personal note before ending this blog. It has been very painful for me to watch and interact with people who display all the signs and symptoms of a self-destructive march to political and personal oblivion. Conservatives who sit around all day spouting slogans or re-tweeting articles written by those like them or watch conservative television as though somehow multi-million dollar corporate shills reading teleprompters are going to restore their cobweb ridden fading power, is like whistling as you walk past the graveyard. I also think that the few I have reached share my dismay and disappointment in their fellow man, especially rock-ribbed conservatives.

I can use logic, data, research and my own success at defeating the evils of Marxism till I’m blue in the face, but all of my efforts were ultimately doomed to failure because I asked for the one thing rock-ribbed conservatives can’t do-CHANGE.

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