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I’ve often thought that books like mine should come with a “how to read” preamble incorporated into the book itself. My training and experience informs me that beginning a book on mind control with a guide for how to read it may be a bit too much for the people I want to reach, i.e., YOU. Thus, rather than incorporate such a guide into the book itself, I’m going to provide a reading guide here.

What kind of book needs a reading guide, a book like SHADOW MEN. SHADOW MEN is not merely a book about an inherently interesting subject. It is a book that is designed to accomplish something more than educate and entertain the reader. SHADOW MEN, if certain parameters are followed, may increase the reader’s innate intelligence. The reason increasing innate intelligence is important is because the primary motivation behind writing SHADOW MEN is to provide my readers some degree of immunity to the 24/7 propaganda to which they are subjected to each and every day of their lives.

The human brain possesses a remarkable ability to re-wire itself, but only if the brain is put under tremendous pressure to do so. I first noticed this phenomenon as a resident doing neuropsychological testing for a state agency in California. Many in our client/patient population had a long history with the state of California. Some patients had been prisoners, some had received or undergone prior medical and/or psychological care and assessments. Most had a clinical history file that chronicled their life over a number of years, including intelligence and personality testing results that went as far back, in some cases, 25 years. Many patients had multiple workups completed over the years so that by the time I made my assessments I could make standards of comparison in the patient’s file.

Many of my patients had suffered head injuries. These injuries may have occurred secondary to motor vehicle crashes, gunshot wounds, blunt force trauma secondary to bar fights, etc. With regard to my head injury patients who had suffered a gunshot wound to the head, I noticed that in SOME INSTANCES, the victim’s cognitive function, as measured for a particular cognitive function component of the patient’s overall intelligence, e.g., verbal comprehension, actually INCREASED after the gunshot wound to the head. Sometimes it was verbal reasoning that improved. Sometimes it was the ability to manipulate objects, i.e., visuomotor coordination. Sometimes auditory discrimination improved and sometimes the patient’s reading cognition improved. And yes, most patients suffered a diminution of function across the board, depending upon what areas of the brain had been damaged.

The fact that some of my patients actually became MORE innately capable on some cognitive functions AFTER suffering a gunshot wound was consistent with a notion termed “Equipotentiality,” first identified by a researcher by the name of Lashley. Not only does nature find a way to compensate for an insult to its integrity, but also it appears that in some instances the human brain can re-wire itself in what turns out to be a more efficient than before the rewiring.

Obviously clinicians cannot ablate areas of the brain in hopes that another area of the brain will develop a better/compensatory function. We wouldn’t think of blinding a patient just so that their hearing will become more acute and attuned to the environment. But in keeping with that analogy, is there a way to develop one’s hearing acuity without permanently blinding the patient? I think so.

A word about intelligence v. education or knowledge is in order. My readers will come from all walks of life, i.e., human behavior and medical professionals and lay people. Think of intelligence as an analog of horsepower. Some engines have more horsepower than do others. An 8-cylinder motor is typically more powerful than a 4-cylinder motor made by the same manufacturer for the same purpose, e.g., a street legal motor vehicle. However, one can tune some 4-cylinder motors by adding superchargers and other modifications such that the 4-cylinder may have more horsepower than the unmodified 8-cylinder motor.

Here is another analogy that may help the reader get a better handle on this thing we call intelligence. We know that some dogs are smarter than other dogs, right? We also know that some dogs can be trained to maximize all of their innate intelligence. Military dogs or bomb sniffing dogs have been “hot-housed” so as to maximize the dog’s innate intelligence and cognitive functions on some particular aspects of intelligence, e.g., fine tuning the dog’s sense of smell or their innate pack animal predisposition to be protective of their pack leader. However, no matter how smart your dog is or how much you “hot-house” him he is not going to be able to play the part of Hamlet or read the New York Times.

People have innate limits to what they can achieve when it comes to intelligence. However, since most people never realize their full potential, a lot of innate intelligence goes to waste, so to speak. In my prior work with my students I have managed to pressure my student’s brains to do one or perhaps both of two things. I have forced their brains to actually increase their innate horsepower and/or forced them to realize more of their innate intelligence, such that it is. Either way, the results when achieved are remarkable to experience. I have this graphic that illustrates what it is like to experience this transformation of increasing intelligence and/or realizing more of one’s intellectual potential:

My newest book SHADOW MEN: An Encyclopedia of Mind Control is designed to increase the reader’s innate intelligence and/or force their brain to better realize their innate intelligence, such that it is. Regardless of which occurs, and it is my belief and hope that BOTH are likely to occur, the end result will be a person who is LESS vulnerable to the mind control to which he/she is subjected day in and day out.

People who follow my work will testify to the fact that I write and talk a lot about DISCERNMENT. Discernment is a word that co-varies with intelligence but is a bit different. Discernment is an educated intelligence. It is not enough to be smart or educated, one must be BOTH smart and educated. “The smarter the better.” “The more educated the better.” My book SHADOW MEN is an ambitious effort on my part to help the reader achieve meaningful discernment. Nobody reads anything that isn’t entertaining, unless they are forced to read it. If my book is adopted as a text book, i.e., on the professor’s mandatory reading list, I suppose people are more likely to read it whether or not it is entertaining or not, but even then IF the book is not fun and enlivening to read, people will avoid it like the plague. My book is fun, though purposefully designed to be HARD AND CHALLENGING to read.

We’ve all heard the phrase “blow my mind.” Well, SHADOW MEN will “blow your mind” and it will do that purposefully and with a benevolent intent. “blowing your mind” is my painless way of duplicating those precise gunshot wounds that some of my patients had suffered that made them smarter. However, I need to inoculate the reader from a self destructive characteristic of the human brain that will stop him dead in his tracks IF he does not control this self-destructive pattern of behavior before they read the first word of SHADOW MEN.

Did you know that by the time most people are 5 years old they will have accumulated 80% or so of their vocabulary that they will use their entire life! How can that be, you might ask? The reason that you do NOT continue to add words to your vocabulary has to do with two cognitive functions: ASSIMILATION and ACCOMODATION. Brains have a tendency to pigeonhole the world you live in. And, as I’ve already noted, by the age of 5 those pigeonholes are pretty much set in place. Picture a matrix with 1000 cubbyholes in it. The world is made up of millions of different words and phrases, but to find a place for all of those words, phrases and ideas the person must continue to add NEW connections and understandings. We call adding new cubbyholes, new connections and understandings the process of ACCOMODATION. People who are rigid, rock-ribbed, opinionated, inflexible and authoritarian do the opposite of ACCOMMODATE, they are habitual ASSIMILATORS. They bend, mold, reframe, retranslate, ANYTHING NEW into an existing hole and, in so doing, never learn a damn thing new. ASSIMILATORS say things like: It’s all the same, nothing new here, why it reminds me of FDR, JFK, LBJ, HRC, or whomever or whatever name they’ve given their particular little pigeon hole for whatever it is they are ASSIMILATING.

I use the analogy of using the word garrulous to a class of ASSIMILATING students who don’t know the meaning of the word. The very first thing ASSIMILATING students do when they hear me use the word garrulous, is they ask what does that mean? I give the definition and INVARIABLY the ASSIMILATING students say words to the effect, “oh, you mean talkative.” I respond: NO! If I had wanted to use the word talkative I would have used the word “talkative.” I used the word garrulous. Sure enough, within a few weeks the word garrulous had been squeezed into the pigeonhole reserved for the word “talkative” and the new vocabulary word had disappeared like magic not into thin air but into the ASSIMILATOR’S rigid pigeonhole matrix.

This business of ASSIMILATION is the reason why, in large measure, we have the DUNNING KRUGER effect (DK’s), where the ignorant and slow-witted honestly believe that they are smart and educated. DK’s take ANYTHING they hear and bend it, mold It, cut out all the moving parts and literally take 3D full color notions and convert them into 2D black and white caricatures in order to fit whatever it is they are exposed to into one of their pre-existing pigeon holes. It would be like taking interstellar rocket science and ASSIMILATING those ideas into a 4th grader’s understanding of bottle rockets while exclaiming: “These space rockets are no damn different than the bottle rockets me and Jr. played with last summer.” Most of you tend to do things like that, I’m sorry to report. So when you read SHADOW MEN: An Encyclopedia of Mind Control, would you please try to be aware of your tendency to ASSIMILATE? If you can get through the first 1/3 of the book you’ll then be swept up in its embedded neuroscience and will begin to ACCOMMODATE and you will be well on your way to becoming smarter and better educated.

One final point, you cannot skip around or skim over chapters. You must read each word in sequence AND you must ponder each paragraph. My paragraphs were purposefully designed to “blow your mind” so go ahead and let it happen. The explosions taking place in your brain are the roadblocks falling that have kept you from reaching your full potential. Be patient with yourself and let it happen naturally. Good luck and I feel confident you’ll enjoy the book.

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