The Grim Reaper Makes a Whirring Sound

“Warning, warning Will Robinson.” The 20th century ushered in any number of both quaint and foreboding depictions of robots, from the ever-protective and witty “Robby,” from Lost in Space, to the would-be killer “Hal” in 2001 A Space Odyssey.

Writers have always been of two minds when it comes to robots: Robots will either be our salvation or our demise. My perspective on this subject includes a blended role for robots depending upon who you are, i.e., robots will become the salvation for a very few and the demise for the masses. “Warning, warning dear reader.” If you are prone to anxiety, depression or worry about your future, do NOT continue reading.

In my book SHADOW MEN: An Encyclopedia of Mind Control, I provide my readers with copious documentation, that a shadow-elite have been busy culling the “herd” for the past 50 years. The herd, for those who have not read my book, is YOU. The herd, according to Shadow Men, has never been anything but a necessary nuisance. You’ve been necessary to do manual labor for your lords. Your most important job over the millennia has been to serve as canon fodder for SHADOW MEN’s wars with other SHADOW MEN. The sole reason YOU were encouraged to reproduce, up until the 1960s, was because SHADOW MEN needed more of YOU to do manual labor and operate the machinery of war. The fact that you believe otherwise is a delusion of grandeur and denial of where YOU fit into the grand scheme of things.

Technological advances originating with the computer chip and engineering materials and know how have evolved to the point where SHADOW MEN can now realistically plan for the day when YOU will have no use to them, none whatsoever. The activities you call “my profession,” “my job,” will soon be done faster, cheaper and better by robots. Robots don’t go on strike, they don’t ask to be treated with respect, they don’t take breaks, have attitudes, mouths that prattle on and on about things SHADOW MEN find to be meaningless, trite and bothersome. Most importantly, robots don’t ask to be paid and as robots learn to make other robots, the cost to make more robots will go down and down to the point where they become irresistible. The bottom line: YOU are no longer needed on planet earth. You’ve almost out lived your usefulness to the people who matter.

From Shadow Men’s perspective, things couldn’t be going any better, from YOUR perspective you have already been ushered into a dystopian world that is much more than a dramatic depiction of a killer robot on screen, it is YOUR reality and you are looking down the barrel of a gun held by a robot. The ONLY reason you don’t know this as well as the address of your house, is your old friend: Failure of Discernment.

Just ask any Shadow Man and he will tell you that the masses need to be managed for their own good using their herd instinct and, the masses never, ever, catch on to anything we do to them until it is too late. And even then, most walk right up the ramp into the slaughterhouse as though they are on line to get into a theater to watch a movie.

How Shadow Men get you to do that, exactly, is the subject of my book about Shadow Men. It is pure folly to think that YOU have somehow escaped their mind control over you. And how are the masses reacting to their demise? Like everything in life, the masses have little discernment though they are absolutely convinced they have it all figured out.

The masses see Google’s four-legged critter made of metal, circuits and hinged joints jumping over hurdles and running at 70 mph and think “oh, that’s neat.” How about Google’s man-o-war robot, walking on two feet armed with lasers, guns and equipped with night vision, bullet proof armor and a top speed of 75 mph? “Oooo, he is so cool.” Really?

I wonder if the City of Detroit, Michigan and its out of work auto plant workers understand that it was robots, in large measure, that made most of them and the city, itself, obsolete? Oh I know, the average conservative thinks it was those nasty “liberals” who ruined Detroit, and to some extent that is true. But there is much more going on than that. Take a look at an auto plant assembly line in the 1950s and compare it to the same assembly line circa 2010.

See anything missing? The people are gone along with their jobs that allowed them to live a life of relative self-sufficiency and dignity. While social observers may disagree over what motivated auto manufacturers to replace human beings with robots, one thing is for certain. Just as autoworkers were becoming more demanding and less reliable, their importance to the auto industry was diminishing. Technically speaking, auto workers and their union fulfilled a “death cross.” That occurs when your cost and trouble as an employee exceeds your benefit given the next best option to your employer. And that next best option was a highly reliable, non-complaining, injury proof and non-union robot.

Entry-level jobs, like fast food restaurant workers, are careening down a dead-end road that ends with a quarter mile drop into the abyss. These workers remind me of one of those black and white movies where the old car with no brakes dives headlong over a cliff, tumbling and eventually exploding in a ball of fire. We’re at the stage in that movie where that old car just lost its brakes and there is a hair pin turn coming up fast. Fast food restaurant workers are careening down that road in a car with no brakes on their way to the abyss with an attitude of entitlement.

Restaurants are popping up all over the world that have no need for workers because robots are doing all the work humans once did. Robots don’t need signs posted in the lavatories “wash your hands” or “lave sus manos.” No, and robots don’t protest for more money for an entry-level job as though it is a career. Robots don’t have an attitude when they deliver your food or take your order. Paying for your food is about to be handled by a robot, not a worker, who looks like you just posed a question to them about quantum mechanics when you give them an extra penny in order to make the change you are owed equal to a whole number.

And it is not just blue-collar types who are at risk. Oh no, you self-important types are in for a giant awakening in the next few years. Did you know that 80% of all buying and selling stocks through Wall Street brokerage firms are automated, that is, done by robots programmed to employ an algorithm based upon what another robot tells them about any particular stock price and its movement? Floor traders are almost a thing of the past and will soon be all but removed. Have you noticed what is analyzing your blood when your doctor orders a CBC test? It’s a robot. Have you noticed what is analyzing your heart’s function? Another robot does that work. Heard of Da Vinci surgical systems? It is a robot assisted surgical system. Have you noticed the absence of a docent or tour guide at your favorite museum lately? Your iPhone reads a pre-programmed narrative to you about whatever exhibit you are standing in front of.

Drones (flying robots) of all sizes and shapes fill our skies. Driverless cars (operated by machines that are nothing more than robots) are on their way to a showroom near you and there will come a time when Shadow Men can buy a sex partner robot who will never lecture men about male chauvinism and always perform as directed. Yes, people are on their way out and robots are on their way in.

Until the replacement of humans cycle is complete, the higher maintenance humans are going to be replaced with lower maintenance people as an interim solution to the human problem until the time when they can all be gotten rid of. The replacement of high maintenance humans has already begun and has taken the form of legal and illegal immigrants coming in through dissolved borders. It is occurring in Europe and the U.S. with the influx of so-called refugees who will serve as the killers of the high maintenance culture as they rape, pillage and reproduce with abandon. In a few generations (during which time robot technology will advance and come on line) low maintenance people and their cultures will eradicate high maintenance types and their culture.

People like short hand take home messages because that is all their minds can easily handle. OK, here is the take home message from Shadow Men. “The masses are so lacking in discernment and so convinced they have it all figured out, they deserve everything that is happening and going to happen to them. People who try to help you will be unsuccessful because you already know it all."

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