The Attacks on Paris, November, 2015

A Parisian Street

In late 2011 I wrote a book entitled THE PROGRESSIVE VIRUS. In that book I discussed the psychological pathogen that had all but destroyed rational thought and reasoning in those infected with the virus. Like all infections that are serious, this one was particularly bad because it had infected virtually everyone living in the West.

I included a chapter in that book entitled “Asymmetrical Warfare.” In it I predicted that Islamists would capitalize upon the efforts to destabillize Iraq and Syria to establish a new caliphate in the Middle East, that Islamists would invade Europe in the guise of immigrants and, perhaps most startling to my readers, that the West would be incapable of even acknowledging the fact that the enemy intent upon converting/eradicating Western Culture was Islam. Islam, like all ideologies, has its active members and its enablers. The enablers are in the form of a "silent" majority who, though not on the front lines, are sympathetic to the active members of their tribe who do the dirty work of invasion, subversion, killing and infiltration.

I referred to the notion of an "Arab Spring" as delusional while the West's media was still busy extolling the notion of an “Arab Spring” as the greatest thing since the discovery of the Polio Vaccine. I exposed the fallacy, promulgated by those infected with The Progressive Virus, that Jihadis were poor, disenfranchised and uneducated. I documented that more often than not Jihadis are well educated and privileged.

I discussed the birth rates of Muslims versus White Christians living in the West. Long before it was known, and while he was still alive, I quoted Muammar Gaddafi’s prescient prediction that Europe would be transformed into Eurabia by Islamist's imperialistic immigration credo, paired with their multiple wives/multiple children doctrines.

I noted that in 2011 the most popular name for a newborn boy in London was Muhammed. I took on the Rosie O’Donnells of this world who declared that fundamental Christians were just as dangerous as “fundamental” Muslims. I refuted the delusional Ms. O’Donnell by citing to the penal codes in various Muslim countries that punish homosexual behavior or promotion, including the common punishment of death for being gay.

Long before anyone else was dong it, I challenged people to realize that their mental images of Europe, e.g., Big Ben, Picaddily Square, The Louvre, The Eiffel Tower, were soon to be transformed into a 7th Century dystopia. Needless to say, in a world filled with deniers and May 68'ers, few understood the depth and breadth of what I was telling them WAS going to happen. I made it crystal clear that EVEN in the face of impending destruction and doom those infected with the Progressive Virus would be unable to protect themselves, their children, their country or their culture. Like the rabbit that goes limp once attacked by the wolf, the progressive virus disables its victim's survival instinct.

Here we are the day after Paris’ 9/11 and we see crystal clear evidence that the Progressive Virus, just like I predicted in my book of the same name, has crippled those infected with the virus and made them unable to EVEN identify, must less confront, their mortal enemies.

You see, The Progressive Virus forces the human brain to distort reality in favor of delusional, feel good beliefs, even though those beliefs are self-destructive. “We are all the same.” “If only we are nice and tolerant then all will be well and peace would consume the earth.” “Islam is no different than Christianity, Hinduism or Secular Humanism. After all, no culture, people, way of life is ever better or worse than something else, just different.” All of these distortions are symptoms of The Progressive Virus in the same way a high fever is symptomatic of the influenza virus.

Imagine a group of rabbits that had just been killed, en masse, by a pack of wolves. Now imagine that the very next day the rabbits who survived the attack light candles, paint peace signs on placards and play John Lennon songs in response. Think about it, there it is right before your very eyes, the delusions of the Progressive Virus are shed like a sneeze sheds the deadly virus within.

Here is one glaring distortion caused by The Progressive Virus that is ubiquitous. The term “terrorists” is the preferred label attached to Islamists. What is fascinating about the use of this label is that it supplants the most accurate label, i.e., "Islamists." Terrorism is a tactic, and yes, people who use the tactic are technically terrorists. But that label tells you NOTHING about who the enemy actually is, it only tells you about a tactic they use. But then again, that is the purpose of The Progressive Virus, to prohibit its victim from identifying its mortal enemy by a name that can be EASILY verified.

Nazi’s, Stalinists, Maoists, Khmer Rougists, et al. were all “terrorists,” but as you can see by this illustration, by labeling them “terrorists” you lose the differences between Nazis and the Khmer Rouge or, for that matter, some idiot who “terrorizes” a neighborhood by threatening their neighbor's pets. Those infected with The Progressive Virus are masters at manipulative and distortion labeling. As I wrote in The Progressive Virus to prove that last point: “Those infected with The Progressive Virus labeled the Fort Hood massacre as work place violence." I went on to write: "That is like describing a shark attack as a drowning incident.”

People infected with the Virus continue to say ISIS or ISIL, NOT Islamist, in a feeble effort to keep from sayng the one word that is the ONLY true and accurate identifier of the perpetrators. It is as though the word ISIS is not an acronym for The Islamic State! Look at the name the "terrorists" have given themselves, it has the name ISLAMIC as the first word in the acronym!

Why not be specific and call the enemy by their real name? The Progressive Virus says, “You can’t do that.” And why can’t you do that? Because The Progressive Virus disallows the human brain to distinguish good from bad. After all, according to the distortions caused by The Progressive Virus, there is no such thing as “good” or “bad,” only differing perspectives. And ALL perspectives, according to The Progressive Virus, are the end product of social injustice. This is the source of the multiculturalism delusion. And so the useful idiots whose brains have been taken over by The Progressive Virus distort the objective reality staring them right in the face and simply CANNOT identify Islam and its warriors and enablers as their mortal enemy.

Because the writers of history are intent upon keeping Westerners in the dark about their TRUE history, virtually no one in the West knows that on the day Thomas Jefferson was inaugurated into office as President of The United States in 1801, Islamists (NOT terrorists) declared war on the USA. And the motivation of those Islamists was exactly the same as the motivations of those Islamists who attacked Paris.

Few have even heard of the fact that the instigating reason there is such a thing as the U.S. Navy was to stop Islamists (NOT terrorists) from commandeering our ships and taking our men, women and children as Infidel slaves. Men captured by Islamists in the early 18th Century were worked till they soon died and the women were forced into harems for sex slavery. Did you know that a Muslim spy by the name of Memet had infiltrated Rhode Island and that he and his Muslim bosses intended and were preparing to make Rhode Island "Islam West." Memet bragged about how easy it would be to take over Rhode Island because of the naivety of the people living there.

These thoroughly documented truths, along with hundreds more, can be found in my latest book: SHADOW MEN: An Encyclopedia of Mind Control. And mind controlled most of us are, by half-truths, lies and sophisticated psychological operations that are all designed, with malice aforethought, to kill YOU, your COUNTRY and your CULTURE.

In my book THE PROGRESSIVE VIRUS I take head on the myth of the “moderate” v. “radical” Muslim. This popular false dichotomy is, like so many other distortions, an artifact of The Progressive Virus. I use the scientific method to document my points. I stay away from isolated opinion because people infected with The Progressive Virus distort reality by asserting that ALL opinions are equal. In other words, and this is actually true and not an overstatement, if the subject is heart health, the opinion of a world renowned cardiac surgeon versus the opinion of a Millennial, with a communication's degree and a Twitter account is NO MORE VALUABLE or should be given no more consideration. That is how bad it is in the year 2015.

I cited to several scientific polls of so called “moderate” or the average, run of the mill Muslims that looked at how these “moderate” Muslims felt about Jihadis, suicide bombers, 9/11, et al. What I found explains why you NEVER see widespread or mass demonstrations against Jihadis and their killing rampages by Muslims. The vast majority of “moderate” Muslims AGREE with or are sympathetic to jihadis! Those infected with The Progressive Virus try to counter my incontrovertible proofs with stupid statements, such as: “But only a small percentage of Muslims are actually Jihadis.” Yes, and only about 1% of the American population has EVER been an American soldier, so what?”

You see, the unnerving reality is this: Islam is a theo-political ideology masquerading as a “religion” that has, as its CENTRAL, NON NEGOTIABLE precept, the conquering of the entire world in the name of Islam, period, end of story.

As I document in The Progressive Virus, Mohammed was a military leader, a warrior who rode his trusty steed in a pool of blood of his infidel enemies 15 hands high. I'm sorry to be the one to inform you, but Mohammed is not the analog to the peace loving, parable speaker/teacher Christ. Mohammed spoke in the Qur'an using declarative sentences, often in the form of commands. Not one parable, allegorical or poetic verse is to be found in the entire Qur'an. The entire book of commands named the Qur'an was written in Mohammed's lifetime and Mohammed made it crystal clear that his latter commands superceded his earlier commands.

Islamist's world domination doctrine is as much as part of Islam as are the notions of charity and turning the other cheek is to Christianity. And as I document so thoroughly, in BOTH THE PROGRESSIVE VIRUS and SHADOW MEN, Islam has been at this world domination quest through invasion, killing, raping, immigration and breeding aggression, since 622 AD. It has never stopped, never changed gears, never evolved and never will because reformation can only MODIFY that which is modifiable. Why modify something that works?

As with all complex, multifaceted issues, there is a twist to this story. Who would benefit by unleashing Islam's desire for world domination that manifests as invasion and eradication of Western culture? Who benefits when secular Middle-Eastern leaders are toppled and Islamists take the reins of power of those governments?

Here is one model that explains this behavior. Unleash and empower Islam to do what it has always wanted to do. Do this by toppling those men who controlled Islamists and the West will be forced to choose between its survival and eradicating Islam. Unleash the monster on the West, the West finally chooses to vanquish the monster, and the invisible hand that unleashed Islam on the West reaps the benefits.

I simply ask my readers to identify the people by idelogy, religion and credo who brow beat G.W. Bush to thrust his fist into the Islamic hornet's nest. I ask my readers to identify those people who came up with the idea to open the West's borders to Islamic immigration. I ask my readers to identify who wants Syrian land so much they can taste it. Who has the ability to sell this plot to an American public infected with the Progressive Virus? And most important to me, who were the people who created the Progressive Virus and foist it upon the hapless masses?

What will it take to awaken those infected with The Progressive Virus? Nothing short of an event of such catastrophic, monumental proportions will motivate those few who have not succumbed to the virus to FINALLY have enough of the useful idiots in control of our government and our culture to foment a revolution, a revolution that will take no prisoners and show no mercy to those infected with the virus. At that point perhaps, just perhaps, when we all show no tolerance for those who mouth delusions caused by The Progressive Virus, they may change and awaken from their zombie like existence.

Those of us who have retained our sanity are going to have to make a choice, sooner or later and probably sooner (if we are to survive) to take on each and every useful idiot with a fervor and showing no mercy, that demonstrates that we know we are dealing with the enablers of killers, destroyers and the scourge of all things good and natural. I don’t care whether these people are mouths on Twitter, our so-called political leaders or the media. It matters not. Sound over the top? That’s what people thought 5 years ago when I predicted in exquisite detail all of what you see happening today.

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