The Neuroscience of Naming

Neuroscience is neuroscience and politics is politics. Neuroscience and politics exist in the same world; and like any two things in the objective world, the two entities are in a relationship with one another.

Politics adheres to the immutable laws of neuroscience; whereas, neuroscience is independent of and supersedes all things political. That simple truth is unnerving to politicians and a source of wisdom for political scientists smart enough to know what they do not know.

I want to share with my readers the neuroscience of a subject that affects all politicians and the people who vote for them. The subject has to do with the neuropsychological function of naming.

What is in a name? Well, if you are talking about people, not all names are created equal. The name John is stronger than the name Skippy. I won’t bore you with the studies that document that truth as most people can intuit the truth of my assertion. Angelina is a sexier name than is Wilma for reasons related to the phonemes used to sound out Angelina versus Wilma.

Another neuropsychological function has to do with the naming of races, religions, cultures and genders. In science we tend to use Latin or Greek names when we identify a person, place or thing because we want to be not only precise but consistent across languages, cultures and peoples.

Now, just as some personal names can be more powerful and sexier than others, some names have attached to them emotional “charges.” Racial epithets, for example, have attachments that automatically open, just like some emails have attachments that automatically open when you click on the email. These “emotional” attachments or charges are connected to the racial epithet and, like all affective stimuli, can elicit emotional reactions in the person who reads or hears the “charged” term.

It is not just charged emotions that can attach themselves to words. Cognitions or beliefs can make some words “off limits” to say or to write because the words, themselves, contradict an underlying belief that is important to the holder of the belief. Some beliefs, even though completely fabricated, feel so good that reality, itself, is not infrequently distorted just so the fabricated belief can continue to exist unchallenged in one’s mind, culture or country.

Let me illustrate to the non-neuroscientists among my readers how naming is, perhaps, more important than you ever realized. Everything we interact with in the objective and subjective world MUST be named, and named ACCURATELY, if we are to interact with it and talk about it in a rational way. In fact, absent having a name for even the most common thing in our world, makes interacting with that thing almost impossible.

To illustrate this point, I am now going to name a thing every reader will immediately recognize: A “LEMON”. The word “lemon” is the name we attach to a yellow, sour fruit that grows on trees that has that clean, “lemony” smell. Now imagine for a moment that you are forbidden to name this fruit we call a lemon. In other words, you are not allowed to utter the word “lemon” or a word that means "lemon" without being chastised, criticized, ostracized and shamed. Try to imagine explaining to someone how to make lemonade without having the right to use the word “lemon.” Imagine trying to describe to someone, who you want to pick a lemon, to do that without being permitted to use the word 'lemon" and not actually being in the presence of the BLANK tree. Imagine answering a child’s question, “what is that” as he points to this yellow fruit on a tree without you being able to utter the word “lemon?”

You might ask: Why would someone forbid the use a particular word. The quetion is better asked this way: Why are certain words, ideas and simple truths prohibited? The answer has to do with enforcing some powerful GROUP’S control over YOU. To put it simply, if I can modify the words and ideas you use then I can control the way you relate to whatever it is I forbid you to think or say.

IF I can prevent you from using a word, like “lemon,” you won’t be able to relate to or deal with the lemon in any meaningful way. You won’t be able to experience the lemon, and you won’t be able to communicate your experiences with the lemon to another person because you won’t be able to use the name “lemon” or a word that means "lemon."

So let’s say that an all-powerful group is vested in the proposition that lemons are a sweet fruit that should cost $10 dollars for each BLANK. Now imagine that this belief is sold to the masses by a media entertainment complex, teachers, religious leaders, political leaders and virtually everyone else. You may think that the moment one of the brainwashed masses eats a BLANK, expecting to taste a sweet fruit, that the fallacious belief would be exposed. Not so fast, how are you going to set your fellow man straight about the BLANK being a sour fruit IF you are forbidden to use the word "lemon" without becoming a social pariah? What if mind controllers blamed some defect in YOU for even daring to not only say the word "lemon" but going a step further to assert that the "lemon" is sour. "You experience the lemon as sour because you are a "lemonist" (the equivalence of "racist") or you are a "hate speaker" if you say the "lemon" is naturally sour.

Powerful groups control other people they want dominion over by prohibiting them from using certain words and uttering certain ideas, thoughts and propositions. This approach is so much more effective and less troublesome than enforcing your will with brute force. Powerful groups understand all too well that if you allow the masses to use certain words and openly discuss certain ideas, the “jig would be up” and this group's control over the masses would falter. Powerful controllers know that the vast majority of the masses would easily fall for their lies and manipulation, but among the masses there are some really smart people who would expose to their fellow man the truth. Regarding that last dynamic, this is why mind controllers have brainwashed the masses to believe that their uneducated opinion is equal to an educated opinion. Or as Issac Asimov has said:

Let’s use another illustration to make our point about the neuroscience of naming. Imagine IF wolves controlled the words people use to describe packs of wolves. Imagine IF you were prohibited from using the very word “wolf.” You could never communicate anything about the wolf, his predispositions, character, patterns, his predatory behavior without being able to use the name “wolf.” What an advantage the wolf would have IF wolves could control humans to the point where they couldn’t even use the word, “wolf” or a word, that means “wolf.”

Why wolves would outlaw the use of the word “wolf” makes perfect sense IF you stop to consider that by removing the word “wolf,” the wolf is able to enforce his will and prevent humans from identifying the wolf as a threat to their children, livestock and pets. Imagine if the media entertainment complex kept from YOU the news about every incident where a pack of wolves killed an innocent farmer's child or pet dog. Imagine that every time a farmer kills a wolf YOU are bombarded with 24/7, blanket coverage of the event in order to paint the pack of wolves as innocent victims of the "wolfist" farmer.

You may ask: "Why would non-wolves enforce the wolf’s law that would prevent YOU from using the word “wolf” IF the people doing the enforcing are not wolves themselves? The answer is to be found in the laws of neuropsychology.

People can be easily programmed; exactly the same way you can program a computer, a thermostat or the timer on your oven. People are built to be trendy and conformists. “Monkey see-monkey do” is a defect built into the human genome. Ethnologists believe that conformity had, at one time, a great deal of survival value in ancient times. For example, if you happen to see members of your tribe running away from something, you’ll tend to run with them, even though you may not know what it is they are running from or to. Mob conformity has survival value. If you happen to see a group of people looking up and pointing you are more likely than not to look up. Someone yawns and voila, you tend to yawn. Being around a nervous person tends to make YOU nervous. Watching a gut wrenching scene in a movie tends to make you experience something very close to what the on-screen characters are experiencing. That is why movies can make us laugh, cry, feel anger or can sexually arouse us. In neuroscience we call the elemental brain cell that allows us humans to experience all of these things occurring to other people, the “Mirror Neuron.”

Shadow men mastered the control mechanisms that keep us from saying a particular word or giving voice to or even contemplating certain ideas. Man’s entire history finds ample proof that when our priests, ministers, popes, potentates, gurus, leaders or idols TELL US THAT WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DO OR SAY THIS OR THAT, we tend to follow in lock step as though under the control of some mysterious force. That mysterious force reveals another defect in man’s genome called: “Submission to authority.” Dr. Stanley Milgram conducted famous studies on what he termed compliance to authority. And before you start pointing fingers, both the left and the right are guilty of doing this. The left are fanatical enforcers of PC speech edicts and the right shuts up anyone who dares to critize them or their leaders, even when the criticisms are justified.

In the famous Milgram studies conducted in the 1960s, it was found that people from all walks of life can be made to administer what they thought were lethal electrical shocks to someone SIMPLY BECAUSE someone in authority told them to do it. I know, every person who reads about the Milgram studies on compliance is quick to mouth, “I wouldn’t do that.” Well, yes you would. In fact, if you stop to honestly reflect upon your life for one moment, you’ll soon recognize that your entire life has been controlled in one way or another by and through the manipulation of your wired in defects by the people I refer to as “shadow men.” I call them Shadow Men because they live and work in the shadows.

Politically correct speech is the name that describes the catalogue of words and thoughts that YOU are forbade to give voice to, contemplate or are dared to write. PC, as it is called, also orders you to use certain names and to think certain ideas and thoughts. Not one person in the West has completely avoided being programmed by Shadow Men. Political correctness has Controlled YOU. There are some words, labels, ideas that YOU are dared to acknowledge or admit even exist, despite the fact that I can prove to you that the truth of the matter is right before your very eyes. The truth can hide in plain sight, right before your very eyes WHEN you are forbidden to use the words or think the ideas that would accurately name the subject or person in question.

Just like in the case of the lemon or the wolf, the words, labels and ideas (objective realities) YOU are forbidden to acknowledge and contemplate have made it IMPOSSIBLE for YOU to fully comprehend the subject matter, people, cultures, places and things you are FORBIDDEN to voice or write about. I am convinced that although some of you may intellectually comprehend what I am telling you few, if ANY of you, are fully aware of the profound nature of what I am telling you.

Have you stopped to consider, as you are reading this monograph, that one glaring example of the “naming” neuroscience PSYOP is what we forensic experts refer to as “profiling?” In America we currently enslave over 300 million people with onerous and completely unnecessary violations of our cherished civil rights because we have been forbidden to name the easily identifiable group that poses a disproportionate deadly threat to people living in the West. The abominations of the TSA, despite numerous, independent studies that conclusively demonstrate that the TSA is an expensive and miserable failure, exists because controllers have forbidden the West to accurately name threats.

Every forensic expert I know, who is NOT enslaved to their government masters, will tell you that which is obvious: Young Muslim males and masculine protest Muslim young females represent a high threat group. Profile that group and you remove from the threat equation over 98% of all the deadly incidents of suicide bombings, seemingly random military assaults, arson, car bombs, ALL OF IT! BUT, because I am forbade to say the obvious about young Muslim males, 90 year old white grandmothers from Texas in wheelchairs are treated no differently than "Mohammed" from Yemen who happens to be 22 years old.

In my book THE PROGRESSIVE VIRUS, I listed what was at the time the entire list of bombings, mass murders, etc., over a 25 year period. The pattern was obvious for all who were not brainwashed: Young Muslim males, period, end of story, were the overwhelming pool of people from which mass murderers were generated. In a video produced for YOUTUBE I drew the analogy to how the FBI used to view the mafia. IF you happened to be a member of the Gambino, Luccese or Lansky mob families you COULD and, in fact, were profiled as having a greater risk to engage in criminal behavior than some elderly shopkeeper in your neighborhood. That video documented that in 2012 the Obama Administration PROHIBITED the FBI to accurately name the Muslim community as posing a grossly disproportionate threat to America's citizens.

I can just hear the brainwashed who are, at this very moment, going into “Yappy” mode as they cite Oklahoma City or one of the other RARE, non-representative white guys with a mental illness whose schizophrenia or drug addled existence got the better of them and they go out and kill a bunch of innocents. I call this the Mugzy Bogues phenomenon. You see, all I have to do in order to get the pre-programmed “yappy” exception useful idiots to go into action is to say something like this: “NBA players are taller than the average American.” “Oh yea, what about Mugzy Bogues?” Excuse me, but you should have learned no later than the 6th grade, that exceptions to the rule do NOT violate the validity of the rule. In fact, exceptions PROVE the validity of the rule BECAUSE they are exceptions!

You see, the “naming” neuroscience PSYOP includes what you can’t name AND what you must name. I can’t say Islamist, but I can say “terrorist.” The word “terrorist” cuts away all the meaning that would allow YOU to better understand where the threat to you and your loved ones originates were I to use the accurate label “Islamist.” It would be like renaming the HIV Virus a "microbe." Yes, HIV is a microbe but so are all the good flora in your gut (probiotics) that help you regulate your digestion.

The Paris killers were Islamists, NOT terrorists. It was Islam that motivated them, taught them, ordered them and made their desire to kill more likely. To make matters worse, IF you dare to use the correct word, “Islamists” to name the Paris killers, YOU will be labeled an “Islamophobe.” It would be so over the top completely insane IF it were not the TRUTH. The late Christopher Hitchens was reputed to have said this about the word, “Islamophobe:” “A word created by fascists, used by cowards to manipulate morons.”

No matter how many words are removed from our lexicon and no matter how many labels are attached to people who dare to speak or write the truth, the truth is the truth.

The vast majority of people have absolutely no idea about how much, and to what degree the men who live and work in the shadows have controlled your entire life. I’ve written the definitive work on the subject of neuroscience and political control entitled: Shadow Men: An Encyclopedia of Mind Control. You can buy Shadow Men here:

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