Cognitive Maps

Cognitive maps are virtual representations of the real or objective world. When our cognitive maps are in a 1:1 relationship with the real or objective world, these virtual representations can help us navigate the trials and tribulations of reality. They can help us experiment without risking life or limb, they allow us to “model” how the real world would behave if we did “x, y or z.”

Some classic examples of how our cognitive maps have led to breathtaking inventions, consider that virtually every life saving drug was “modeled” using cognitive maps BEFORE the drug was actually tried in the objective world. Even if you are not a chemist I dare say that you have seen, or perhaps even held in your hands, the molecular models for things that are part of nature or our medicine cabinet. Take marsh gas or methane, for example. This tetrahedral molecule is represented by this cognitive map or model molecular structure:

Highly flammable Hydrogen atoms arranged in such a way, that they make a tetrahedral configuration, helps us to understand why marsh gas is so flammable.In aeronautical engineering having a cognitive map that accurately represents the physics of flight allows designers to create models BEFORE they risk the life of test pilots.

The average person uses cognitive maps all the time. Cognitive maps are what allow you to make your way home from work, allows you to navigate your low-light trip from your bedroom to the refrigerator for that midnight snack. Accurate cognitive maps make it possible for you to avoid danger without having first to experience the objective world danger before you can react to protect yourself.

I have a cognitive map that informs me that surfing at dusk on a beach that has a steep drop-off a few hundred yards from the surf break allows me to avoid a shark attack. If I did not have that cognitive map of the ocean, I’d be at a higher risk of being eaten by a shark.

What happens, however, when cognitive maps do NOT accurately reflect the real, objective world? Any one person with a defective cognitive map of real world threats is destined to become a victim. The next time you see a report of an unnecessary personal injury ask yourself about the cognitive map of the so called “victim.” DUI or DWI traffic accidents are not truly caused by the substances involved so much as they are caused by the defective cognitive maps that drunk drivers have in their mind that defines how they behave in the real world.

Drunk drivers have any number of false beliefs (faulty cognitive maps) about how THEY are affected by psychoactive substances. “I know how to drive when I’m drunk.” “I’m especially careful when I drink and drive so I am able compensate for the effects of alcohol.” “I’ve driven drunk for years and never had an accident.” Each of these inaccurate cognitive maps is the TRUE cause of impaired driving and drunk driving accidents.

Humans typically overestimate their visuomotor skills. This arrogance or overestimation of one’s abilities is the reason why texting while driving is so prevalent. “I can handle it.’ No matter how many PSAs are perceived by these people with defective cognitive maps, they never change their behavior until it is too late because it is their cognitive maps, not reality, that controls their behavior.

In 2011 I discovered a psychological pathogen that attacked cognitive maps in the same way Muscular Dystrophy attacks muscles or how Macular Degeneration destroys vision. I named this psychological pathogen “The Progressive Virus.” (TPV)

TPV is now at epidemic levels in the Western world. The virus has all but destroyed man’s cognitive maps that serve as mankind’s modeling of any number of objective real world entities, people and human behavior laws.

The most profound distortion caused by TPV is the belief that there is no objective reality, only perceptions about the so-called real world. Stop and think about how disastrous that particular belief is when the fact of the matter is that no matter how any one person perceives objective reality, objective reality exists separate and apart from our perceptions.

If I have it in my head that I can co-exist with a pack of hungry wolves without fear of an attack I will exponentially increase the likelihood that I will become a victim of a wolf attack. If I believe that I can outrun on foot a grizzly bear should I confront one in the wild, and that belief (faulty cognitive map) translates into me going into grizzly country without lethal force, then I will be more likely to become a victim of a grizzly attack because of my defective cognitive maps regarding grizzly bears.

Permit me to show you a graphic that serves as the perfect illustration for how TPV can distort objective reality:

The “Coexist” sign is a defective cognitive map when it comes to capturing how human beings are capable of interacting with one another. The “defect” in the Coexist cognitive map is evidenced by the fact that each symbol represents a group of people who are zealous advocates for the exclusive “rightness” of their particular ideology. In other words, there would be no symbols IF people who adhere to the underlying ideologies represented by those symbols were not zealous advocates of the ideas and beliefs in each respective religion.

If Muslims were to accept Christians and Jews as their equal, then there would be no such words as “infidel” or “apostate” in Islam. The terms “infidel” and “apostate” are not negotiable or discretionary precepts in Islam. Those terms are the equivalent of Newton’s law: “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” or that Jesus is Christian’s savior. There would be no need to convert the entire world to Islam IF there was no Islam that had as its central precept its rightful place as the one and only true belief system. The problem with the “Coexist cognitive map is, therefore, it is an error of monumental proportions.

You might wonder as many of my students have wondered over the years, why doesn’t reality correct cognitive maps that are flawed? It is a very good question and here is why reality has little impact on a culture’s delusional cognitive maps. Before I tell you, here is one example of how a delusional cognitive map can remain intact in the face of an objective reality that proves the cognitive map to be delusional. Let’s take gay American’s love of multiculturalism.

Multiculturalism is a label embodied in the Coexist Symbol. It is rather straightforward logic as to why gay Americans would embrace the delusional belief system of the virtues of multiculturalism. Gays feel different and alienated from the culture at large. Gays are a distinct minority and are fundamentally distinct from their heterosexual citizens on a number of central traits. Gay people are different in how they think, feel and behave on a myriad of subjects and ideas other than sexuality.

Gays embrace multiculturalism despite the fact that thousands of gay people are killed or punished by the MAJORITY of mainstream Muslim countries and cultures. If not killed by hanging, being thrown off a building or stoned to death, gay people are imprisoned by cultures that are, by definition, tolerated and even welcomed into the West because of the delusional cognitive map known as multiculturalism. Gays have chosen to deny this truth. Some cultures tolerate gay people and some cultures kill gay people. You would think that the easiest thing in the world would be for gay people to say that the cultures that tolerate and assimilate gay people are better than cultures that routinely kill gay people. If you think that you would be wrong.

You see, a delusional cognitive map is unaffected by an objective world reality because (now follow closely) TPV deludes its victim to believe that there is no objective reality. You can get gay people to admit that Islam disdains homosexuality, but the delusional cognitive map of multiculturalism feels so good and is so rooted to gay people’s peculiar desire to be just like heterosexuals, that they do NOT modify their defective cognitive maps just so they can hold onto their fairy tale-like beliefs, beliefs that will eventually kill them if they do not change their faulty cognitive maps.

In England, France, Belgium, Italy, Sweden and every other European country, that has been forced to open its doors to Islam, finds the abuse of gay people ever-increasing in direct proportion to the number of Muslims who have immigrated to the West. By the way, this monograph would soon morph into a book were I to itemize each and every delusional cognitive map caused by TPV. For continuity, I’ll address one other cognitive distortion having to do with the word “immigrants.”

Immigrants arouse images of Ellis Island and the great European influx into America at the turn of the last century. Those people cut ties with their homelands and they knew that when they crossed the ocean they were starting anew. They cast away their prior identifies and became Americans.

Islam doesn’t think about immigration the way you or I may think about it. Immigration to a Muslim is a form of invasion. Muslim’s don’t strip themselves of their Burqa when they reach our shores, they become even more devout Muslims and set about to, as Mohammed ordered them, to reproduce and flood America with their children, their values, their precepts and their culture. After all, that is a central, non-negotiable precept in Islam, overtake your enemies (infidels) with multiple wives, huge reproductive rates and imposition of their law known as Sha’ria law.

The only way that the hapless masses can develop defective cognitive maps is for the culture to brainwash them with delusional cognitive maps beginning in childhood. Once inculcated into their impressionable minds, a corrupt media entertainment complex reinforces the lies 24/7 with idols, hidden and explicit messages, a full frontal assault upon the truth and a never-ending barrage of PC enforced delusions. Who would do this? Shadow Men, that’s who. Don’t know who Shadow Men are? Well, even if you think you know who they are, you don’t. The fact that you think you understand Shadow Men or comprehend the severity of what it is I’m telling you is yet another example of a defective cognitive map that was injected into you by the agents of Shadow Men who are more clever and devious than anything you could ever imagine.

I’m prepared to live a good life with or without your defective cognitive maps being corrected. If I had my druthers I would welcome your joining the few of us who have discarded our defective cognitive maps and replaced them with an accurate model of the REAL world. By the way, referring back to the defective Coexist cognitive map, I have a corrected version that accurately reflects the objective reality. Here it is:

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