Dear: Students of Shadow Men

The students of the book Shadow Men: An Encyclopedia of Mind Control include run of the mill readers and those individuals who studied the book with the parallel motivations of learning its content AND benefiting from its embedded neuroscience-based intelligence enhancing features.

I wrote a “Reader’s Guide” that highlighted the neuroscience component of Shadow Men. I published it on my website and advertised it on Twitter thousands of times. Still, because of the way word of mouth works and the limited reach of Twitter and my website, many readers did not know about the book’s embedded neuroscience.

To be clear, readers did not need to be aware of the neuroscience component of the book for it to have its intended effects. Nevertheless, I mention these facts now because many of my comments herein will address the effects the book’s neuroscience features have had on my students. For those who are interested in reading Shadow Men’s Reader’s Guide you may find it here:

This particular open letter is addressed to the students of Shadow Men and how they have reported their lives have changed. As the creator of the neuroscience behind the book and 20 years of using my expertise in this area to assist people to target seek their inherent biological intelligence, I have a familiarity with the experiences of people who have had their lives changed by having been exposed to these performance-enhancing stimuli.

Many of my students have forgotten the feeling of uneasiness they felt as they worked their way through Shadow Men—but I have not. The reason I have not is because ALL of you, in one form or another, expressed your uneasiness in edgy, irritable and sometimes confrontational missives directed at the book’s author. I am only reminding you of these facts so that you will not forget how far you have come. The reason you need to be reminded of such things is because once you become smarter it is almost impossible to revert back to your more intellectually challenged self. Speaking of how far you have come…

Most of the early students of Shadow Men have had about two years to grow into their new level of intelligence, i.e., awareness. Intelligence, despite what lay people THINK they know about it, is not the sine qua non of the “information” you have in your head. Rather, intelligence can be likened to the speed of your computer’s processor along with its busses’ characteristics, RAM, PRAM and data storage access speeds. I use this analogy to computers tongue and cheek because brains are NOT LITERALLY like computers, though metaphors and analogies to computers do help some people comprehend concepts that few non-neuroscientists discern.

I warned would-be readers of Shadow Men about the fact that if the book had its intended effect, students should be prepared for a roller coaster ride. EVERYONE assumes that becoming smarter is a universally positive event in one’s life. It is not. For example, acquaintances, friends and family members often take umbrage at the loss of their former cave dweller. Moreover, my students have had to make a lot of adjustments, some of them painful, which includes re-categorizing what they thought was true and good.

One of the responses my students have recently expressed involves a sentiment I am very familiar with. This sentiment involves self-recrimination, e.g., “I can’t believe how stupid I used to be.” “I can’t believe I took this long to stop doing this or that behavior.” I would be surprised if my best students did not feel this way. It is an occupational hazard for feeling people to reflect upon what they could or might have done better. I urge my students to never forget that it is remarkable that you have escaped from the mental shackles and prison within which you have lived your life up to this point. I’ve worked with my share of PTSD patients and I always reminded them. You’re here with me. You made it.

The primary reason that I went into such detailed explications in my book about how sophisticated mind control technology is, was to force my readers to appreciate the fact that the agents who develop and enforce mind control technology are very powerful people. There are no people immune to mind control. And to be sure, resistance to mind control is a never-ending battle that requires CONSTANT vigilance.

I add parenthetically at this point something only my students will appreciate. How many causal readers do you think read my last comments regarding mind control, and in response said to themselves this confidently stupid statement: “I’m not susceptible to mind control.” My readers are PAINFULLY aware how such confidently stupid people like that live in the back pocket of mind control experts and make ALL of our lives unnecessarily complicated and troubled.

Never forget that it is rare to escape Shadow Men’s grip on your mind. Few people escape completely and those that do should seriously consider whether or not they should begin each day thanking the heavens above for a second chance to experience what the vast majority of people on earth will never, ever experience.

It has always struck me as the epitome of injustice that unfeeling and unknowing people get up early, feel good and have little self-reflection doubt, and certainly do NOT engage in self-recrimination. They don’t care about animals, people who are hurting or any other sentient being’s misery.

On the other hand, the kind souls who make life tolerable for animals and other people often sulk away in misery and second-guess themselves. Self-recrimination comes natural to good people, that is, BEFORE they remove the shackles placed on them by Shadow Men. Once a person acquires the discernment that comes with becoming smarter, they become exquisitely familiar with the fact that their existential misery, that was their constant companion in their prior life, was a symptom of the insidious mind control wrought upon them by the agents for Shadow Men. Once this awareness moves past the initial shock and anger phases, these former victims of mind control begin to feel better in ways that only those who have escaped the shackles of mind control can ever fully appreciate. Ever see those interviews with people who survived some horrendous natural disaster? Well, my students have a lot in common with those survivors.

Feeling people never imagine that they are literally surrounded by people who are openly hostile to them and that almost all of their existential misery, as well as the injustices and horrendous cruelty of this world are caused by people who are, for all intents and purposes, purveyors of NOTHING BUT cruelty and misery. If you are vulnerable and sentient you are their prey. And as my students have learned, innocent animals are always first in line to be tortured.

All of my students over the past 20 years, which includes members of my in–person classes and now those who have read my books, have gone through this next stage. My students almost universally want to share their newfound discernment with others. So what do they do, they begin to proselytize my book(s) and what those books can do for the recipient of their message. Let me digress for just a moment and describe a cartoon that took center stage on my office door for years until it mysteriously disappeared. I share it here because my students will certainly identify with the protagonist in the cartoon.

In the opening frame our protagonist, a cave man, is seen approaching a group of his peers who are shown sitting around a fire looking up into the heavens. Our protagonist enters the group and says: “I discovered something truly fantastic.” In response, his peers ignore him. Our protagonist tries once again, “Did you hear me, I have discovered something really important that can explain where we fit into the grand scheme of things.” After this second attempt at garnering his peer’s attention, the leader of the group sitting around the fire looks over at our intrepid caveman and says, “Okay, what did you discover?”

Our effervescent cave man takes center stage and begins to share his profound insights while pointing to the heavens. “We are on a giant ball of dirt orbiting the bright light in the sky that greets us each morning. The lights you see above your head are stars and we are all made out of the same material as those stars. We should all stop fighting and help one another because we are alone in this grand universe which is made up of mostly nothing.”

Well, the cave man’s peers look at one another while our fearless discoverer stands proud of what he has just shared with his peers. The next to the last frame in the cartoon shows the entire group of cave men pouncing upon our protagonist who has the living daylights beaten out of him. The last frame shows our battle scared hero lamenting, “I guess they were not ready for this information.” And so it goes.

Just remember, as Plato enlightened us in his elegant allegory The Cave, escaping the cave is a monumental event in any one’s life. Please see: If the former cave dweller chooses to go back into the cave on a rescue mission be advised, do not expect to walk out a second time with a long line of men who, like my special students, welcomed and now enjoy the sunlight. If you look back and see one brave soul walking out with you, rejoice. I am happy for all of you.

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