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NOTE:  Dr. Napoleon is NOT taking on NEW patients as of January 1, 2020.  
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Continuing Education:

Presentation and persuasion go hand in hand in the courtroom. The relationship between the content of your message and the messenger must be complementary to be effective. The genre of your particular cause of action helps to define how your case will be perceived and judged. The "one size fits all" approach to lawyering is at best inefficient and at worst fatal to an otherwise meritorious case. The subject matter that makes a lawyer effective in the courtroom is not taught in law school. Not only can we talk about how you can be more effective, we can show you what it looks and sounds like.

Strategy Development:

The effective planning and execution of yur lawsuit is dependent upon understanding the human factors that govern the law and its interpretation. Napoleon Legal understands and has extensive experience with the often subtle and counterintuitive human factors that will determine the outcome of your lawsuit. Napoleon Legal is prepared to plan an ethical, effective and forgiving strategy from inception through post verdict motions and appeals.

Vior Dire - Juries:

Napoleon Legal has extensive experience in jury work. We have been responsible for helping to select, monitor through trial and interview post verdict over 80 juries. We have aided in the selection of other juries, either with providing questions or developing strategies, in over 100 cases. We have been asked to observe and analyze juries we did not select over 50 times. We have conducted post verdict clinical interviews in juries we did not select in at least 25 different cases. We create both verbal and written questions, help to manage and select, in addition to monitoring jurors, over the course of a trial. When Napoleon Legal assists in jury selection, the trial lawyer only has to concern himself with connecting with the jurors, Napoleon Legal takes care of everything else.


Dr. Napoleon authors opening statements, closing arguments, and direct and cross-examinations. After delivering one of our opening statements or closing arguments, many of our clients report receiving congratulatory comments from both casual observers and experienced court staff. Our clients typically report a heightened sense of confidence when delivering one of our specially prepared narratives. Lawyers should not feel self conscious about having an experienced specialist help to prepare their spoken narratives in trial. Every President has a bevy of speechwriters, as do most comedians and professional public speakers. News anchors read copy and ask questions written for them. Each and every narrative is prepared specifically for the presenter, with special attention paid to the natural rhythms and vocal patterns of the speaker. None of our work is “canned” or is “cut and pasted” from boiler-plate narratives.


Before Dr. Anthony consulted with his first lawyer client, he was teaching people from all walks of life how to improve their presentation and interpersonal skills. He has taught thousands of non-lawyers how to improve their voice, visual presentation and persuasive skills. His work in visual and aural presentation preceded his advanced degree in clinical psychology and relied upon his own acumen as an actor, public speaker and writer. Before he became involved in trial consultancy, he taught acting to working actors, along with students interested in becoming actors. Whenever he taught a scene he would make sure that he could do the scene at a professional level himself. How many trial consultants can actually show you what a masterfully delivered opening statement or closing argument looks and sounds like?



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Our experience has familiarized us with virtually every type of legal cause of action in the civil arena. Major civil litigation comprises a significant portion of our practice, though we will consider working on any size case as long as it is meritorious. We will consider assisting either prosecution or defense on criminal matters only after a careful review is made. Our experience in criminal law includes capital as well as lesser alleged criminal conduct.

Napoleon Legal Consulting, Inc.

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As of January 1, 2020 Dr. Napoleon is NOT taking on new patients so that he may focus upon his forensic practice and work with his animal welfare foundation.

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