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From the original "red piller"---Long before your presenters and thought leaders "discovered" the  revelations, insights and "aha-moments" that you and your peers believe are cutting edge, Dr. Napoleon laid them all out in 3-dimensional clarity in his latest book on Virtual Reality.  Social engineers are remarkably well financed by the invisible hands that have convinced you that you are based and ahead of the curve.  Like all of his books, unless you are willing to take the plunge into the icy cold water of self revelation then don't even think about studying (not merely reading) any of his books.  Reading about events in detail BEFORE they occur is unnerving and is the exclusive purview of pre-cognitive skill sets.  Precognition is NOT paranormal it is a social engineers' nightmare, which is why this author continues to challenge his former employers to do the right thing while providing their prey with the protections they can find nowhere else.

The Rise of Virtual Reality: It is All in Your Head

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